Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, an advanced speaker wanting to polish up your skills or your abilities lie somewhere in between, we can help you reach your goals. For business, special or private purposes, solo or in small groups, you can develop your German or English language proficiency with us. Our courses are also available online.

Translating, Interpreting

From the written text to the spoken word, we can help you express your ideas clearly in the target language. As experienced translators we work effectively and efficiently and focus on the quality of the finished text. Our professionally trained interpreters can accompany you at conferences, fairs, presentations as well as business negotiations and provide for effective communication with your foreign partners.

Text Editing

After crafting your text in German, English or Russian you now want that one final check to ensure everything is correct; whether that be the grammar, spelling or style. We assist you in bringing your concepts and texts together for that crucial application, final study paper or business presentation.


We have translated, trained and interpreted for high profile customers; in the fields of Finance, Construction, Automotive Industry, Industrial Machining, IT, Property Management, R & D, Maintenance, Public Transportation, Tourism, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Art and Photography, Telecommunications, Auditing, Marketing, Trade, Entertainment Industry, the Media, Accommodation and Hospitality.

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In this era of globalization even small and mid-sized companies need to carve out new markets through text and language competence. However, most can’t afford the kind of financial investment made by the large multi-nationals to localize their language or train their staff. That‘s where we can help.

Since 2006, our team has used its combined talents and abilities to assist our clients to find their place in the world market. Based in the metropolis of Leipzig, we offer you the best opportunity to bring your own project to life. We can provide you with flexible, personalized service that is customized to fulfill your individual needs. Our team has also built up a network of experienced associates to meet the requirements of even the biggest of projects.

While originally honing our skills as freelancers, we came together over a decade ago to optimize our strengths and better serve our clients in the fields of interpretation, translation and language training. With substantial experience in the field of linguistics, we can provide you with just the help you need.

Gisa Schönfeld

Raised in Saxony, Gisa studied English and Russian at the University of Leipzig and attended courses in the UK and Russia through various exchange programs before obtaining her degree as a conference interpreter. With a special emphasis on business communication during her studies, Gisa has developed extensive knowledge of intercultural issues helping her tailor her work to her clients’ needs.

As a sworn translator and interpreter, she is able to provide certified translations and interpret for the courts and other authorities. She has worked as a guide in regional and international tourism for over twenty years and provides language training as well. She also has a working knowledge of French, holds a qualification in Latin and enjoys picking up more languages to practice during her travels.

Erik Eek

An Oklahoma native, Erik received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma. He worked in the print medium and the Associated Press, the Oklahoma Press Association and other publications have printed his by-line. Some of his English translations of German language texts have also appeared in print and he regularly produces promotional material for various organizations.

A certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), he has been teaching English to his client base for over two decades, mostly in Germany. His work has proven vital to companies and individuals expanding into international markets. His unusual background in both the written and spoken forms of English gives him a unique ability to assist his clients.

Susann Hübner

Born and raised in Saxony, Susann earned a Master of Arts in English and Education from Leipzig University. During her studies, she took a break to live in Great Britain working with mentally and physically disabled individuals, assisting her clients in achieving a more independent lifestyle. This sojourn provided her with a unique insight into the practical use of the English language.

Her postgraduate studies included teaching German as a second language. She has also served as an examiner for all levels of oral German language (telc) exams since 2012 and has in recent years started evaluating the written exams as well. Certified as a teacher of both English and German as foreign languages, Susann has brought her passion for linguistics and language acquisition into the classroom.

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